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Give It a Break Healthy Screen Time Choices


Colonial Village Blog, Manchester, NH  Mobile phones are a major part of our lives. Some say they've even taken over. Learn some mobile phone etiquette in today's post.

Mobile phones — smartphones — have become an indispensable part of our everyday lives. We feel lost without that familiar rectangular device in our back pocket or purse; yet, it’s still important to interact with others around us and not use the wonderful technology we have to isolate ourselves or annoy others. Today, we’re sharing mobile phone etiquette tips for members of our Colonial Village apartment community in Manchester, New Hampshire.


Screens are useful, no argument there, but studies are coming in reporting that heavy social media habits can contribute to social isolation. To help combat that trend, we have some tips for mobile phone etiquette that will help us engage with each other as we use our screens for their intended purposes.


Cell Phone Etiquette

  • If you must keep your phone on while with friends or peers in public, turn it to the silent or vibrate mode. If you excuse yourself to take a call, be as brief as possible. This is especially important in business meetings, during a date, or while eating dinner. Focus instead on the function and people at hand.

  • Use the ten-foot rule, a guideline to move at least ten feet away from others to speak. Doing this helps prevent the awkwardness of overhearing conversations that should have been kept private. Along those lines, if you need to make or take a call and you’re at a church, library, concert hall, the theater, or a restaurant — step out to use your phone.  

  • It goes without saying, but we’re going to say it anyway — it’s in poor taste to carry-on loud personal conversations in a public restroom, particularly when you are in a stall. Just don’t do it.

  • Engaging with others through social media is fine. Just be sure to plan to spend off-screen time together. Plan activities that don’t allow for phone use; for instance, go climb a rock wall or work out at the gym. Other ideas include playing board games that require your full concentration or go swimming — simply put away your phone or tablet and engage with others.


Our habits when it comes to social media platforms are important too. We need to be aware of the image we are sending out through our social media posts. Forbes author, Ilya Pozin, shares a 12 Step Checklist for social media posts — what to post, and more importantly what NOT to post on social media platforms.  


What do you consider to be the most important advice when it comes to mobile phone etiquette? Please share in the comments. Thanks for reading today!