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Valentine's Day Celebrations for Everyone

Colonial Village Blog, Manchester, NH  Celebrate Valentine's Day in style with some great ideas for friends, family, and your sweetheart.

Flowers and chocolates are a traditional Valentine’s Day offering, but you can spice up your Valentine’s Day celebrations by trying these extra tips for sharing the love. Today, the Colonial Village Blog brings you ideas about how to celebrate with friends, family, and your sweetheart. We also have fun options for those who want to ignore the day!


Celebrate with Friends

Plan a progressive dinner with a group of friends. This can be done in your homes. Or, if you prefer, you can go to different restaurants in the area. Choose one for appetizers, one for the main course, and one for dessert. Check out this page for ideas about how to set up a progressive dinner party.


Celebrate with Family

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with your family can take many forms. One of the easiest, yet most satisfying, is the old favorite of making heart-shaped sugar cookies and decorating them. We suggest you take this a step further. Make a double batch and deliver some of them — along with homemade cards — to friends, neighbors, or even an assisted living center in the area. We like this recipe for The Best Valentine’s Sugar Cookies from


Celebrate with Your Sweetheart

Dinner and a movie is a good go-to date, but up the ante and make reservations at your favorite restaurant. Present your sweetheart with flowers (use this guide to choose flowers with a specific meaning and share the meaning of the flowers along with the bouquet) chocolates, and perhaps a gift of jewelry, too. Follow up dinner with a romantic walk under the stars. You may be watching stars, but you will most likely end up watching each other!


Don’t celebrate!

If celebrating February 14th isn’t your idea of fun, we suggest heading out of your apartment to your favorite Manchester, NH area theater and catching the latest action, horror, thriller, or comedy on the big screen. Movie Insider has info on all the latest movies. Other options include getting in a round of golf or perhaps putting in some extra time at the gym.


How do you plan on spending the 14th? Please share your ideas in the comments. Thanks for reading today’s blog.